How to Break the Lug Nuts Free

Your wheels are secured to the hubs of your vehicle by lug nuts. On a few vehicles, there are only three or four lug nuts. On most vehicles, five or six lug nuts are used to hold the wheel to the hubs. On a select range of cars, there are seven or eight lug nuts per wheel while large trucks may have ten or more lug nuts. The lug nuts are locked in place through a special design to make sure they do not release while driving.

To break the lock that the lug nuts have on each bolt, place the lug wrench over each lug nut and apply enough pressure to move the lug nut out of the lock position. You will hear a click when the lug nut releases.

If you bring your vehicle to Warrensburg Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat, we use special equipment to break the lug nuts free. Plan your visit to meet with one of our service professionals today!



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