Before You Tow, Follow Your Car Manual Checklist

Your vehicle manual is a vital tool for towing in Warrensburg, MO. It should tell the tongue weight and tow ratings advisable for your vehicle. Exceeding these limits could create instability, ruin your vehicle's structural integrity, and/or cause a wreck.

Vehicle tow ratings and factory-installed hitch ratings should be the same. If the hitch was installed later, check its specifications to determine how much the load can weigh. The tongue weight refers to the area where the trailer and hitch are joined. Too much stress at this point could make the tow unwieldy. Lastly, when possible, the weight on the trailer should be distributed evenly.

Our crew of trained mechanicscan help you decide whether your vehicle is safe to tow your load. For a new hauler, ask our staff at Warrensburg Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat to help you match your towing needs to the right ride.

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